Basic explanation of your obligations

User Obligations

Basic instructions

  1. It is prohibited to upload content that is prohibited by law in the location where the service is located, including but not limited to: illegal gambling, introduction of crimes, etc.
  2. It is forbidden to upload and promote illegal content such as obscenity, pornography, and child pornography, including but not limited to: using reverse proxy to display websites, etc.
  3. Use of the Service for proxy purposes (VPN or any proxy nature) in Mainland China is prohibited.
  4. It is forbidden to use the service to send external and internal packets, ARP attacks, ARP hijacking, scanning, malicious exhaustion, and interference with other users (nodes) operations.
  5. It is forbidden to use the service to send spam (SPAM), spam (messages, posts), spread Trojan horses, viruses (including malicious files referencing other servers).
  6. Uploading of copyrighted (pirated, counterfeit) content is prohibited.
  7. It is forbidden to upload websites or programs that are vulnerable to DDoS traffic attacks (private servers, medicines, politics, cheats, etc.).
  8. User will be solely responsible for email address, mobile number and password security, and User is solely responsible for all activities and events that take place under his username.
  9. If the user transfers or authorizes others to use his or her email address, mobile phone number, or password without authorization, the user shall bear all consequences arising therefrom.
  10. If the user acts abusive to customer service, we have the right to refuse to continue to provide services.
  11. We only do direct customer service for customers, and have not authorized "purchasing on behalf of" or "third-party purchasers to purchase on behalf of other users and transfer them to other users". passive) resulting behavior.
  12. We have a risk control program. Once any suspicious behavior triggers the risk control, your account may be restricted, and your identity needs to be further verified before it will be unblocked.

Resource usage convention

  1. Do not occupy a large amount of bandwidth for a long time or use software that affects network performance, including but not limited to: PT download, BT download, Thunder, eMule, etc.
  2. Do not occupy a large amount of disk I/O for a long time, use software that affects server stability, including but not limited to: disk DD test, disk scanning and antivirus software, etc.
  3. Do not occupy a large amount of CPU for a long time, use software that affects server performance, including but not limited to: CPU performance testing, Linux benchmarking and video transcoding software, etc.
  4. The bandwidth indicated by the service is the peak bandwidth (non-exclusive bandwidth), please do not occupy it for a long time, otherwise it will be limited to 20%-50% of the peak bandwidth *Long time = 2 hours and above

Countermeasures for False Recommendations

If there is evidence (including but not limited to IP, payment account, etc.) to prove that the purchase was made by the same person, we have the right to refuse to pay the referral payment and delete the referral account association.


  1. Service inaccessibility (use) or data loss due to user* arrears, non-renewal or forgetting to renew.
  2. Inaccessibility (use) of the service or loss of data due to improper user operations or other related behaviors.
  3. Inaccessibility or data loss caused by the user's website content or use behavior in violation of the provisions of the "User Obligations" of this clause.
  4. Loss of access or data loss due to major social abnormal events such as wars, armed conflicts, strikes, riots, riots, etc.
  5. Force majeure includes but is not limited to: natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, plague epidemics, etc., and social events such as: wars, turmoil, government actions, telecommunications trunk line interruptions, hackers, network congestion, technical adjustments in the telecommunications sector, and government regulations. .
  6. Server products do not provide data redundancy backup, please do off-site backup by yourself. (Raid is only for improving disk reliability not for backup). In the event of data loss caused by a catastrophic failure, the same package will be compensated for 1 month (excluding non-array products) , and the value loss of customer data will not be borne.

*Services will be deleted after 1 days due/arrears. * Catastrophic failure refers to the failure of the server hard disk leading to data loss.

Refund Notice

Your satisfaction is the driving force behind our progress. However, considering various factors, we need to make the following agreement on refunds:

  • Confirm that the purchased product can be destroyed
    All product purchase pages will prompt whether the balance can be destroyed and refunded, so please confirm.
  • Product purchasenot exceed 24 hours
    We only support refunds to the account balance. Once the time limit is exceeded, the order is automatically completed and no refund is possible.
  • How to get a refund?
    For refunds, please submit a ticket within 24 hours of purchase!

Special Note: Once the physical server is delivered, refunds are not supported

No technical support service

We currently do not provide technical support services. In principle, we do not provide any technical support other than the problems of the parent server and the host itself, including but not limited to: proxy installation panels, proxy maintenance services, etc. Please understand.

About the difference between VPS/server Managed (management type) and Self-Managed (self-management type)

If you have paid attention to the machines provided by foreign service providers, you may find that the same server has two prices, one is Managed with a very high price, and the other is Self-Managed (also called Unmanaged).

We all know that the price is so high because the labor cost required to provide technical services is too high, even higher than the price of the server itself.


Full-management server service providers can help you manage and maintain servers, but the full management meaning of each service provider is different. Some can help you build and even maintain the environment, and some are just for daily maintenance and management of servers. Basically, the technical problems of the managed server can be solved by the service provider.

Self-Managed Self-Managed

Unmanaged servers only provide servers, and server management and maintenance need to be operated by themselves. Strictly speaking, it does not provide any technical support except that the VPS cannot be used normally.

Unfortunately, in view of the current price of VeryHOST VPS, VeryHOST currently only provides Self-Managed self-management VPS. Generally, we do not provide technical support except for VPS not working normally, including but not limited to panel installation, WEB environment configuration, and website construction. wait.